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New MG5 EV full review - the 250-mile electric family estate car

New MG5 EV full review - the 250-mile electric family estate car

New MG5 EV full review - the 250 mile electric family car. It is hard to believe that in this world of SUV and Crossover EVs that no one other than the Chinese MG brand has decided to build an electric estate car. Jonny Smith drives this new version, which is facelifted and tech-lifted from the best selling previous version (which is currently Britain's 2nd most popular estate and the UK's 5th best selling EV). Thanks for stopping by The Late Brake Show. The £31,000 MG5 uses the previous car's 61.1kWh battery pack, delivering 154bhp (115kW) and 260nm to the front wheels, and providing up to 250 miles WLTP range. It will rapid charge up to 87kW, meaning 10-80% charge in 35 mins. For early access to most videos and regular bogs from Jonny why not join our Patreon gang? *********** Merch shop: ****** Become a Patreon supporter: ****** Website: ****** SUBSCRIBE for a broad-church of automotive appreciation spanning EV, classic, modified and future tech. ******** Filmed and edited by: Matty Graham @ Pixel Click Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant **************** Jonny Smith Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since '98 Website: Instagram: Twitter: CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro 1:08 What is it? 1:20 Old model differences 1:47 Tech spec 2:54 Driving impressions 3:27 Performance stats 5:08 MG Pilot assist 5:49 Boot Space 7:16 Seats down boot space 7:42 Good for dogs? 8:09 Suspension feel 9:43 New centre console 10:09 Sport mode 10:23 Price 11:51 New front design 12:40 Charger socket & stats 13:42 2 x trim levels 14:36 Under the bonnet 16:39 0-62 17:55 Profile design 18:38 Dimensions 19:03 Cabin design 20:56 Infotainment 21:15 Rear passenger area 22:10 MG iSmart APP 23:00 Verdict #newmg5 #evestate #thelatebrakeshow
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Design Microservice Architectures the Right Way

Design Microservice Architectures the Right Way

InfoQ Dev Summit Boston, a two-day conference of actionable advice from senior software developers hosted by InfoQ, will take place on June 24-25, 2024 Boston, Massachusetts. Deep-dive into 20+ talks from senior software developers over 2 days with parallel breakout sessions. Clarify your immediate dev priorities and get practical advice to make development decisions easier and less risky. Register now: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download the slides & audio at InfoQ: Michael Bryzek highlights specific key decisions that very directly impact the quality and maintainability of a microservice architecture, covering infrastructure, continuous deployment, communication, event streaming, language choice and more, all to ensure that teams and systems remain productive and scale. This presentation was recorded at QCon London 2018: The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 5-7, 2018. Check out the tracks and speakers: Save $100 by using the discount code “INFOQSF18” For more awesome presentations on innovator and early adopter topics check InfoQ’s selection of talks from conferences worldwide Interested in Software Architecture? Follow the topic on InfoQ: #Microservices #ContinuousDeployment # ContinuousDelivery #InfoQ #QCon #QConNewYork
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