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Merry Xmas!

Three Xmas songs for you...

Santa's Coming Home was actually written just after Xmas in 2017, and has been awaiting suitable Phil Spector / Wizzard treatment (which it received earlier in the year, with the help of Chris Pepper).


Give a Hug for Christmas was written in the week running up to Christmas, and then recorded on Christmas morning (with the help of a Scottish Christmas Fox, obvs).


Lastly, Thank You Jesus was written and recorded very quickly (using an Isotope Spire) on Christmas Eve (as the final submission of the "Song a Week 2018" project), and the video was recorded outside in the wintery air on the evening of Christmas Day.

It's neither deeply religious, nor is it entirely tongue-in-cheek (though some of the words are ridiculous, if you can make them out), and instead, I consider it a heartfelt tribute to Teenage Fanclub.


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