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During a recent residential at Moniack Mhor, the group created a short musical based on the Seven Deadly Sins. I had the good fortune to be co-write with Fiona Hannon, creating a musical showstopper based upon "Envy" (which you can hear around 13 minutes in).

Three Xmas songs for you...

Santa's Coming Home was actually written just after Xmas in 2017, and has been awaiting suitable Phil Spector / Wizzard treatment (which it received earlier in the year, with the help of Chris Pepper).


Give a Hug for Christmas was written in the week running up to Christmas, and then recorded on Christmas morning (with the help of a Scottish Christmas Fox, obvs).


Lastly, Thank You Jesus was written and recorded very quickly (using an Isotope Spire) on Christmas Eve (as the final submission of the "Song a Week 2018" project), and the video was recorded outside in the wintery air on the evening of Christmas Day.

It's neither deeply religious, nor is it entirely tongue-in-cheek (though some of the words are ridiculous, if you can make them out), and instead, I consider it a heartfelt tribute to Teenage Fanclub.

I wrote most of this whilst brushing my teeth in a hotel. Upon my return, I made a rough demo recording, which is what you see below. Within 24 hours, the very talented Colin MacFarlane had recorded a cover version. I suspect a proper studio recording will be forthcoming soon, but that's another story.

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